Early Convalescent Plasma Therapy and Mortality among US Veterans Hospitalized with Non-Severe COVID-19: An Observational Analysis Emulating a Target Trial.

Author(s): Cho K, Keithly SC, Kurgansky KE, Madenci AL, Gerlovin H, Wellman HM, Doubleday A, Thomas ER, Park Y, Ho YA, Sugimoto JD, Moore KP, Peterson AC, Hoag C, Gupta K, Jeans K, Klote M, Ramoni R, Huang GD, Casas JP, Gagnon DR, Hernán MA, Smith NL, Gaziano JMJournal: J Infect DisPMID: 34153099 August 2021
Early convalescent plasma transfusion may reduce mortality in patients with non-severe coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).