Skin in the Game

We have contributed to develop the language of causal inference and some of its building blocks, but we understand that methodological developments are only the first step to make a difference. Yes, we talk the talk of causal inference methods, but we also walk the walk from methods development to real world impact. We are methodologists and subject-matter experts deeply engaged with questions and answers that affect many people’s lives.

In fact, because we generate effect estimates about what works and what harms, our work is often used to support clinical or policy decisions. That is a responsibility that we take quite seriously and yet, despite our best efforts, we might make a mistake. If you believe something we did is incorrect or can be improved, please write to one of our faculty members to establish an “adversarial collaboration” with the CAUSALab. Together we will articulate joint mechanisms (including data re-analyses, if appropriate) to resolve the issue efficiently and report it transparently.